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Leanne's happier than ever before!

Leanne's Story

"I'm 18 months into a relationship with my boyfriend Jason! The shift with relationships definitely came with my last session with you so I thank you enormously for the work we did together. Jason & I are very similar people & so well suited because we have the same empathy for people and things in life. It gives us such a strong connection, as well as being hugely attracted to one another. It's a feeling I've never experienced before, even when I got married, I can't tell you how happy I am!"

"Just wanted to let you know we moved into our new house on the weekend, we have lovely views of the lake and are enjoying our new life together"
Leanne Perilly, Make up Artist

Dating is Fun!

"Thanks again for all your coaching. I've had more fun dating than ever before, and that's all because of you!"
Cheryl H

Married this summer...

"My history was defining my future & I couldn't move forward. But not any longer. Elizabeth helped me look at things that had been holding me back and figure out what I want and how to get it. 

Elizabeth is like spring – she warms you up gently, helps you to see the joy and gently eliminates the negative to make room for the possibilities. Today I feel lighter, freer – oh yes, and I met someone I really like… and who really likes me… I am happier than I have been in years" 
Tanya, HR Director – Married August 2015, did 4 month program February to May 2013, met Rob May 2013, got engaged May 2014.

The wedding cake was a heavenly sponge!

Sandra's giving off a different vibe...

"I'm definitely finding all the skills you taught me changed my relationships. I can tell I’m giving off a very different vibe and attracting nicer men. It’s fascinating. These interactions with men have really built my confidence too. And I'm now about to go on a fourth date with a really cool guy…"
Sandra, Journalist

Mary relit the fire...

"I did one of Beth's programs to help me improve my relationship with my husband and was delighted by the results. I was amazed: in one session she could identify what the key 'touch points' were with her exceptional listening skills, perceptiveness and astuteness. 

The sessions with Beth also helped me improve my relationships at work, I noticed the results straight away. I really recommend doing a program with Beth"
Mary, Marketing

Enjoying coaching!

"I'm enjoying coaching so much, I was out on Saturday night and I had two men in the palm of my hand. This process totally works!" 
Amelia, Accountant 

Melita changed her beliefs

"Elizabeth is the third NLP practitioner I have worked with, one-on-one. She is a natural coach and although the others have also been good, Elizabeth was the best at helping me to really relax and get to the core issues. Elizabeth provided a safe, comfortable environment in which I could explore my situation and allow change to happen. She is approachable, easy to talk to, empathic and compassionate. The belief-changing work we did together has made an enormous difference to my life"
Melita Long, Career Coach

New Year's Eve Kiss

"My confidence with suitable men was on a slippery slope making me almost give up hope of meeting any good guys. I'm now a bit older and work from home in Chelsea so find meeting single available men difficult. After seeing Beth, I feel much more confident, joyful and open to finding a man. I've had a few dates as I'm more approachable and optimistic.

I even met a great guy on New Year's Eve, we just had our second date and next time he wants to take me out for dinner. I'm now looking forward to embracing and creating possibilities that I couldn't see out there before! Thanks Beth"
Caroline, Consultant, Got engaged August 2016, getting married next October

No more pain!

"I went to see Elizabeth because I had been holding on for too long to a relationship that had ended some time ago. We were still in contact and I hoped we were going to get back together. I was in a lot of pain as I couldn't seem to let go, 

I had some amazing and very cathartic sessions with Elizabeth. She took me on a guided meditation and I let go of a lot of pain. As a result things have changed really rapidly for me and a new man appeared almost instantaneously. 

I still can't quite believe how this has happened and who knows what will happen with him (fingers crossed) but more to the point I am completely over the other relationship, it's quite amazing. NO MORE PAIN. Thank you Elizabeth, it's a miracle to be out of this horrible cycle of pain, hope, pain. I've got my freedom and my heart back" 
Rachel, Public Relations

A change of luck

"Elizabeth gave me some good honest advice on how to find a man to love – and that loves me too. It might not be rocket science but I hope that those little changes of patterns will be what changes my "bad luck" with men. I cannot change the men – but I can change my own behaviour and thoughts – and that seems to be a good place to start"
Susanne, Marketing Manager

Nonny turns around her love life...

"It was a wonderful, energizing, fun and uplifting  experience to work with Elizabeth. She moved me powerfully towards my goals and really helped me make things happen. In a few weeks of working with her I found the man of my life and we are very happy together. 

Thank you so much, Elizabeth for helping me make my dreams come true and feel more confident, content and satisfied in my love life and beyond."
Nonny, Consultant and Coach. 

Wendi got lucky!

"After attending Beth's 'Get Lucky in Love' workshop, I decided to see her in regular group sessions, as I also like to hear about other people's experiences, so I know I'm not alone! I had reached a point of being tired of making the same mistakes over and over again - always dealing with emotionally unavailable and non-committed guys.

Beth helped me see where I was going wrong, and taught me how to be proactive but relaxed when communicating with new guys I meet, as well as building my confidence generally. 

I have now met someone new, and though it's early days, applying the techniques I have learnt means that so far it's going well and I'm enjoying it!"
Wendi Bekoe, Manager

Our Journey Together

Hi - I don't know whether you have been single for a while or whether you have just come out of a relationship. What I do know is that you are hurting, as have many of my clients. And just as many of my clients have found love, so can you.

I am a dating and relationship coach. I work with women who have been focusing on their career and now want personal and romantic success. Whether you're single or attached, I can show you how to find love and build a lasting relationship.

It's a journey I treasure taking with my clients, and so far we have had 22 weddings, with 5 more booked for this summer (one in June, one in July, one in August & two in September) Results also include 14 couples living together, 12 babies and 8 engagements :-)

Veronika passed her Bar exam with honours!

"My life changed when I found Elizabeth and it was a much needed change. The reason why I sought her help originally was to help me with my relationships with men and we are still working on that. I understood that my private & professional life are so interconnected that I cannot expect to make progress in one without adjusting the other. Luckily, Elizabeth can help me in both.

We did some career coaching before my bar exams and the results were undeniable. I passed with honours which is something I always wanted but even with maximum (and believe me when I say maximum) effort never had. Recently, my boss and mentor left the firm and I am practically on my own. This is an opportunity of a life time for me and although I am terrified I have no doubt that with Elizabeth´s support I will make the most of it."
Veronika Kinclova, Lawyer

Jenny & Mark got married!

"I wanted a guy who was really keen on me and we nailed it. He writes me a different love note each week" 
Jenny, Consultant - Started coaching August 2013, met her partner January 2014.

Alex aced her interview!

"I went to see Beth because I was wanting to leave my job. And once we started work things happened very quickly. The first job I went for, I was offered the job, then and there at the end of the second interview, which had never happened to me before. I then received my new job offer letter one month to the day of starting coaching.

As well as being great at helping me prepare for the interview, her support helped me get on top of my new job and get up to speed quickly. With Beth by my side, I was able to make the most of my work, enjoy it and be super productive. I felt I could focus and concentrate better than ever before. Beth is an amazing Career Coach, I would recommend working with her without any hesitation."
Alex Berndt, Business Development

Alyona's living the dream...

"I am doing well, and Tom has been amazing! We are definitely dating now and he has just been totally wonderful. I am not even sure how it is possible for anyone to be so great. Thank you again - I was just thinking recently what an amazing help you've been for me and that I wouldn't be dating a nice guy now without you - it is a massive shift from my usual dating patterns.

I am glad that we worked on other areas of my life too. Since then, my relationships with my family have improved and I also have a new and more enjoyable job. I have less anxiety about the future now, I feel that after years of various issues, all areas of my life have come right. Everything is going so well and I am so happy and content that sometimes I am amazed at how quickly things have changed. I am very grateful to you for that!" 

"Tom has proposed to me in the Maldives and we are now engaged! You have been with us from the very beginning, thank you so much!"
Alyona, Lawyer

Living together...

"I think that my decision to seek Elizabeth's advice was invaluable: her guidance helped me to find new ways of forming relationships with men, and also to view myself with kinder and more forgiving eyes. The sessions were essential in helping me drop my defenses and develop a relaxed and uncompetitive attitude towards men.

I recently met a wonderful guy with whom I hope to form a loving long-term relationship. I know it is not the end of the road (it is just the beginning!) but I feel confident and positive about the journey and I thank Beth for this new attitude"
Irene, Business Owner – Did 4 month program March to June 2013, met her partner May 13, moved in together August 2014

​Improvements at work!

"Working with Beth has been an absolute pleasure. I found her advice on relationships not only invaluable and insightful in my love life, but it also had a positive impact on my relationships with friends and work colleagues. I would whole heartedly recommend working with Beth to greatly improve your relationships in all areas of your life including business."
Sharmela, Lawyer

Jinny's relationship is back on track!

‘Thank you for a big improvement in my marriage. My husband and I’ve both changed and are more relaxed in our dealings with each other. I can let things pass now, as am operating from a positive basis.

I know him, I trust his good intentions, if somethings a bit annoying, I can let it go rather, than fly off the handle. Our relationship is much better thanks, your advice has really helped.’
Jinny, HR

Come to the next Get Lucky in Love Workshop!

Learn dating secrets of women who are lucky and successful with men. 
New Dates coming shortly...

Marilyn's dating

"Thank you for your valuable advice. I've had more dates this year than ever before in my life put together!"
Marilyn, IT

Married 3 months later!

"I had been with my boyfriend for 5 years and had been wanting to get engaged for the last two of them. I did some relationship coaching with Beth and three weeks later he proposed!!

Working with Beth made an enormous difference. It helped me not only to focus on what I wanted from the relationship and why, but to understand how to communicate this to my partner in a way he would respond to. We married three months later, we have 2 sons now, and are still really happy"
Penny, Accountant

Mr Right finally came along!

'I can't believe I met Mr Right'
Carmel, Lawyer - single 7 years, met Ben last August

Moving to New York!

"Tony and I are best friends and taking some time to work on ourselves before we inevitably as we've discussed - commit to each other permanently again. He's really matured in communication and dedication to us and things are good - I think all the insight from you helped me deal with him and us in a much healthier way and it all turned out positively! The story isn't over yet but it's looking promising and everything is nice and happy really!

"Tony has now actually decided to move here to New York 100%! We have flights booked and everything - I will be back for a few months over summer and we will come back here to live in August permanently! So all worked out! (well so far) Will let you know if we go astray again in the future and need some guidance again!"

Amy, Teacher

Jean has a new boyfriend!

"Thank you so much for your support, it has been fundamental for everything. When I got in touch with you about Sam, I felt so desperate. Now I see him for what he is. A lot has changed since we started, I have a new boyfriend now, he treats me like a queen and he’s very funny…"
Jean, Coach

Your past does not equal your future!

"It was talking to Beth that helped me resolve the small and niggling things from my past relationship that were still effecting me in the present. I can now start dating again without being afraid that what happened in my past will happen again"
Elaine, Social Media Consultant

Victoria's Married...

"After getting past my last relationship I was using the dating websites, going on dates, trying to work out what I wanted. But after many first dates I thought I had to change something as one year later I didn't feel I had met anyone that I really liked. I was keen to try a different approach as something was not working.

Beth's ideas were great, they worked so quickly. Soon after starting work with Beth I met Jon and her involvement during those early stages was crucial. 

As the months went by Jon and I quickly realised that we were in love. After 6 months he proposed & we started living together... We got married in April!"
Victoria, IT - Started 4 month program October 2014, married April 2016 16 months after she met Jon

Lindsey's happy and content...

"Initially I was hesitant to see a Love Coach, but within minutes after sitting down with Elizabeth at our first meeting I felt at ease and comfortable discussing love, life and all things "me" with her. Talking to her about my previous relationships allowed me to explore my character and personality to see what I could be doing differently to attract the right kind of man. Her suggestions on subtle attitude changes were real eye-openers – even if they sounded trivial at the time.

I feel that through her coaching I have made great progress in how I see myself, what image I project to others and how I can change my own thoughts and behaviours for my own good. Talking to her has helped me focus on envisaging what exactly I want, and how to go about getting this. More importantly it's made me realise how to be happy and content within myself. And I am just that."
Lindsey Valli, Marketing Executive

Ally's having so much fun

"Since working with Beth, I feel more in control, my confidence has been boosted and I am listening to my gut more, that is a huge change. I started meeting kind people and avoiding the awful ones. And I have now met a wonderful guy, we are having so much fun together" 

Postscript - 6 month later
"I just wanted to let you know Ben and I are going strong, we get on brilliantly, I'm head over heels. I've never been in a relationship like it, I'm so unbelievably happy. We had so much fun over Christmas too, he put 24 stockings up in my flat for advent and I recreated the 12 days of Christmas for him. We are doing a 10k run together shortly too"
Ally, Technician

Valentine's Day Romance...

I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful Valentine's, inspired in part by your blog. I had a fantastic day and I met this gorgeous man. He ticks a lot of boxes for me – he's funny and smart and independent. He lives in the moment and seizes that moment. And I like him a lot. The feeling I would say is mutual. He's told me so. He's very open and honest. He's also tall, dark and handsome and younger than me – bonus!

Remember I told you I met that man on Valentine's Day, well I am still seeing him and it's still going strong. He is such a lovely guy, I like him a lot. He's so different from the other guys I have been out with.

Thank you, the coaching I had from you has made quite a difference to me and the way I'm approaching this. And he wants me – mind, body and soul and tells me often. So I feel free to let myself go, to trust him, which is a huge turnaround for me. It's nice, I like it. Bit of a cliché to meet him on Valentine's Day, but at least it's memorable
Claire, Public Relations

You deserve better!

"I am so pleased that I met Elizabeth – Just having a chat with her made me realize the importance of being in a relationship. I was holding back after a few bad experiences which I never ever wanted to relive. She helped me get over my fear of negative experiences and now I am ready to allow something good into my life without being scared.

She also made me think about what I really wanted, for years I forgot to put myself first. She helped me to remember and discover again who I really am. I needed to get out and enjoy meeting people even if I did not necessarily meet someone straight away!

I did actually start dating someone shortly after we started working together – he wasn't quite right and I am now dating someone I get on well with. After 4 years being single, its lovely to be dating again!! Thank you so much Elizabeth"
Agnes, Business owner – Health and Beauty sector

Elizabeth's love lasted the distance...

"Thank you for listening, I feel much more at peace now. Last year was such a long stretch of separation with my boyfriend, coaching helped validate the stress I went through. It was great having someone to talk to, so I could get it all off my chest, also having an ear to listen to that was not biased.

Things have changed. Mike's reaching out a lot, he's making more effort, he calls me every day for an hour. As he is not a phone person, its a bloody miracle. He's even talking about coming back to London later in the year. Again, thank you for listening, I'm in a much happier place now."
Elizabeth, Finance 

Donna got her life back on track!

Beth has helped me considerably over the past several months - when I look back I am surprised at how many changes I have made, and again at how easy and effective they are!

For me the major challenge was a life that had got completely out of balance over the years, with work, committees, and other people's experiences taking precedence. I have now completely re-prioritised my commitments and learned how to say 'No'....without feeling guilty! 

I have time for love in my life now and am really enjoying a resurgence in positive experiences with the opposite sex - compliments, assistance, and yes, even dating! I would recommend asking Beth for help anytime :-)
Donna, Accountant

Elsie found love again...

"I have known Beth for over 25 years so when I decided I needed some help making the right choices in my relationships I knew I could trust her to help me.  I had always been confident but after the latest failed relationship my confidence and self-esteem had been shaken and I didn’t feel good about the future.  My weekly sessions and calls helped me enormously, after the first session I was already feeling much more positive, I was soon ready to face the world again!  

Funnily enough when I met my current partner he ticked all the things I wanted and more.  I am so happy now, happier than I’ve ever been in a relationship.  Thank you so much Beth, you gave me the tools to change my life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beth"
Elsie, Wellington, attended 3 month program April to June 2017, plus follow on support, met her partner July 17, moved in together December 2018

I overcame my blocks!

"Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping me understand and overcome my negative beliefs, blocks and fears around dating.

I would enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone considering working on their harmful relationship patterns. You will not regret it."

SK, Journalist 

Julia used to have a habit of sabotaging her relationships…

To some, it would appear that I'm living the dream. Professional Kiwi living in London, with a great apartment, great friends, great career, globetrotting lifestyle – so on the surface it may seem like I have it all. But one thing was missing… "So, Julia – when are you going to meet that man?"… "Wow, you've got everything going for you – how can you still be single?"…