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Relationship Coaching

Not Getting What you Want from your Relationship?

If you are looking at this page your relationship isn't as happy as you want it to be. From working as a Dating and Relationship Coach for many years, I've noticed three different types in my clients:

1 Struggling with Lockdown You know you are with the right person but lockdown hasn't been easy and has had a bad impact on your relationship. 

2 Relight my Fire. You are with the right partner but you have been together a while and the spark has gone. You are wondering if you can ever get it back.

3 At a Crossroads. You are in a relationship and you are wondering of you are with the right person. You are not sure if you have a future together.

In a Relationship and Struggling with Lockdown?

Are you finding

  • The pressure of Covid 19 has been effecting your relationship?
  • You are fighting more than normal? 
  • You don’t feel happy in your relationship anymore?

Or perhaps you are in a Long Distance Relationship because of Covid 19...

  • Are you separated and you are finding it difficult to make it work? 
  • Want to know how to get even closer together while you are apart?
  • Need some support to navigate the distance? 

Some More Questions For You... Do you

  • Need a new perspective on your relationship?
  • Need to learn how to make it work in this new situation?
  • Want to feel happy in your relationship again? 

Have the relationship you desire

If you are in a relationship and wanting to be happy with your partner again, Relationship Coaching can help you with strategies that will move you faster towards your goals & which start working for you from your very first session.

I can help you to:

1. Communicate clearly your needs and wants from your relationship in a way that empowers you and gives you the best possible chance of happiness.

2. Learn strategies to increase the intimacy and have an even more fulfilling, loving relationship, so you and your partner are keen to stay together. 

Jinny's relationship is back on track!

'Thank you for a big improvement in my marriage. My husband and I’ve both changed and are more relaxed in our dealings with each other. I can let things pass now, as am operating from a positive basis.

I know him, I trust his good intentions, if somethings a bit annoying, I can let it go rather, than fly off the handle. Our relationship is much better thanks, your advice has really helped.’
Jinny HR

Relight my Fire - The spark has gone?

Can you relate to the following:

  • You know you are with the right person but your relationship could be better?
  • You are so busy with the pressure of work and family you don't feel close anymore?
  • You are sometimes like ships in the night, you never get to spend time together?
  • You find it hard to switch off from work?
  • Your relationship feels a bit flat - the excitement has gone. You wonder if this is all there is...

Do you

  • Find combining your life with a partner is harder than you thought it would be?
  • Focus more on your partner's bad points than good?
  • Find the stresses of everyday life are affecting your relationship?

The Key to Relationship Success

One thing I do know about happy relationships is that it's about mindset and communication. I learned that from my parents. They met in 1961, got married in 1963 and are still very much in love, so much so that complete strangers will walk up to them on the street and ask them about their relationship.
Your mindset and the way you communicate with your partner can make all the difference to the longevity and happiness of a relationship.

Mary says

"I did one of Beth's programs to help me improve my relationship with my husband and was delighted by the results. I was amazed: in one session she could identify what the key 'touch points' were with her exceptional listening skills, perceptiveness and astuteness.

The sessions also helped me improve my relationships at work, I noticed the results straight away. I would highly recommend doing a program with Beth"

Mary, Marketing

Work with me and learn:

  • How to communicate more effectively.
  • The mindset for relationship success.
  • How to regain that new relationship excitement! 
  • At a Crossroads - Should I Stay or Should I go?

    Can you relate to the following

      • You are not sure if you are with the right person?
      • There are things that are really important to you that they don't give you
      • Are you like flatmates that don't get on
      • Feels like there should be more?

    Do you

  • Argue a lot? Or used to argue a lot but now you have given up?
  • Not engage in order to survive? You've switched off
  • Stagnate in your situation because you can't see the options ahead?

  • 90% of relationship success is in the selection

    For those who are in a relationship or married and are questioning if you are with the wrong partner, I can talk you through the questions you should be asking yourself so you know whether to move on or stay.

    When you are in a relationship and thinking of becoming single you can sometimes think being single will be better than staying. Everyone always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. 

    Single people can feel that way about people in relationships too. However being single in your 30s, 40s and 50s is different from being single in your 20's.

    Before ending your relationship it's important to:

    1 Really think the decision through and make sure you have gone through all the questions you need to ask yourself.
    2 Look at whether there is any possibility the relationship can improve. Because when one person changes in a relationship, the whole relationship can change.

    Come and talk to me for a confidential chat about the future of your relationship.

    Sandie's story

    "I was confused and grasping at straws with my love life. Beth helped me create clarity & confidence, which resulted in my feeling less anxious about my future. 

    I managed to make a decision and move on from my relationship. I'm much happier now, I have a new man too!"
    Sandie, Journalist