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Growing Up

I was fortunate enough to grow up in New Zealand, a land of freedom, wealth & opportunity. And lucky too, to grow up with my parents. They met the 1960s, married 2 years later and are still so in love that complete strangers walk up to them on the street in New Zealand or when they are travelling in America or Australia and ask them about their relationship.

I don't know about you, but I led a very different life from my mother. She was a secretary and met my father when she was 19, she had three children in her 20s. I went to university, got 2 degrees, became a Chartered Accountant and was focused on my career for much of my life. Growing up in New Zealand, I was encouraged by my family, by my school & by society to be ambitious.

There was a government campaign when I was growing up 'Girls can do anything'.

I wanted to be successful so I focused on my education then, for most of my adult life, my career. I had relationships during university and my early working life, but after I moved to London it was ALL about my work as an accountant.

The crunch came when I was working hard on a property development in Knightsbridge expected to last one year but which took five, during which time I kept thinking it'd finish and I'd start dating again. But every three months something else went wrong and I put it off. I never intended to be single for five years...

It happened gradually, month by month, because I didn't prioritise my personal life. And one day I realised how unhappy I was. I didn't want to live like this any more. I wanted love in my life, not something I always put off. So I made time for it and met my amazing partner Graham within three months.
To hear the full story, check out my TEDx talk - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si8KHs28Gls

So How Did I Get Started as a Dating & Relationship Coach?

Several years ago Penelope asked for my help. She'd been with her boyfriend for five years and keen to get engaged for the last two. We did some relationship coaching together and three weeks later she was engaged… and radiantly glowingly happy at the wedding three months later.

This inspired me to help other career focused women, so I could see that same joy again! Since then it's become my mission to help women facing romantic and emotional challenges to learn, grow and achieve passionate and fulfilled relationships. 

The right relationship is a source of enormous happiness. You too can have this in your life. I can show you how to find love – to have a wonderful relationship with someone you care deeply about and who cares deeply for you in return.

What makes Elizabeth's approach unique?

I use a one-to-one coaching approach. Every session is tailored to you, to help you become a magnet for the love of your life as quickly as possible. 

I help you fall in love with yourself first, so then you can fall in love with someone else.

Read how I helped Julia, who used to have a habit of sabotaging her relationships…

John & Mary, married 53 years & still in love

"If love finds you, you are incredibly privileged" John Sullivan, 2015

How to be Happily Married for 53 Years

Here are some things I learned from Mum and Dad about how to be happy for the long term... 

So how can I work with you?

I work with women who've been focusing on their career to get the love life they want, but haven't yet achieved. Whether you're single or attached, I can show you how to find love and build a lasting relationship.

I'm open-minded, non-judgmental and used to dealing with all kinds of situations – and I successfully use a combination of techniques to help you reach your goals.

What's The Latest?

Elizabeth has been featured in the Sunday Times, the TelegraphMarie Claire, the Irish TimesDaily Mail, Metro, Grazia and Psychologies magazine. Elizabeth was a Macmillan Cancer Support's expert on one of their fund raising campaigns & was interviewed on BBC Radio. She also spoke at the Empowering Women Summit in London.

She loved doing her first TEDx talk ' Is Now Never the Right Time for Your Love Life?' in December, spoke at a Women In Banking and Finance network event on Valentine's Day and recently ran a workshop with the New Zealand Business Women's Network. In between all this, you can find her exploring relationship topics on her Huffington Post blog.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experienced Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Leading authority on Love Mentor Systems (LMS) technologies 
  • Master Practitioner & Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – International Training Seminars
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist: Diploma, Practitioner & Cognitive Behavioural qualifications – London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) – where I also lecture
  • Full member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH)