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Who do I work with?

There are two types of people I normally work with:
1 In the Wrong Place -
These people feel that they are in the wrong job or wrong career and they are not sure what they need to do next to do to have a career and a job that they love. They feel a bit stuck.
2 Ambitious - They are in the right career or the right job. They want to go places, they want to reach the top of their career or field and they want a personal life too. They are ambitious, interesting people who want to have an amazing life.
You many fit into both categories.

In The Wrong Place?

Can you relate to this?

  • Unhappy at work or feel like you are in the wrong place?
  • Wanting to move but not sure how to go about it?
  • Don't feel you are doing the work you are meant to do?
  • Reaching the top in your current job or career isn't at all appealing to you?

Do you...

  • Feel a bit envious of the people you know who really love their work or are happy in their job?
  • Feel bored or unfulfilled with what you are currently doing?
  • Want to be happy at work and love what you do?
Being in the wrong place is a rotten way to live. You are not making the most of your natural talents and abilities and you can feel unhappy, frustrated, unsatisfied, bored and unfulfilled. You are not enjoying your work and not having the impact the on the world you could have. Career is a massive aspect of our lives. Many of us spend more time at work than with our loved ones, when we are unhappy at work it can have an impact on our lives.

Find out how to:

  • Get clear about the job or career that's right for you
  • Make the most of your natural strengths
  • Be clear about the next step
  • Create new job or new career opportunities
  • Have the right CV
  • Feel confident and relaxed at interviews
  • Create luck in your career or business
  • Build the relationships that will move you forward
  • Get your new job or business off to a great start
  • Enjoy a magical career or business
"I've just been made permanent at my dream job! Thank you Beth"
Marina, Accountant

My Story

I don't know about you but when I was a little girl I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was luckier than some, there was career guidance at my school but none of the careers they suggested were of any interest to me. My friend's mother Mrs Fitzgerald suggested I could be a nurse or a teacher, but neither was appealing. One day I was talking to my French teacher Mrs Simpson & she said I would make a good accountant. And I thought that's it! I would study accounting at university, I would work for a firm of Chartered Accountants. I would see a business of interest and I would also know how to do the books.

And so that's what I did. But it took a very long time to find anything else I was interested in doing. I didn't find it till many years later when I was working in London and in the mean time I felt like I wasn't in the right place. I was competent at what I did, but it was an effort. I felt like I was building my weak points rather than focusing on my strengths. And I kept looking for something else, something I would enjoy, that would use my talents and where I would feel happy.


Does this sound like you?
  • Are you ambitious?
  • Want to have an amazing life?
  • Keen to go far in your chosen career?
  • Want to reach the top of the corporate ladder? Or have a highly successful business?

Some more questions for you:

  • Want more influence, respect or recognition?
  • Want a great career but you don't want to sacrifice your personal life, you want a fulfilling personal life too?

Work with me and you will...

  • Build relationships with the people who will make all the difference in your career
  • Be confident and assertive at work
  • Achieve your career or business goals
  • Make the most of your natural strengths
  • Be comfortable and confident asking for promotions and payrises and get paid what you are worth
  • Take on new responsibilities
  • Change direction when you need to
  • Learn how to be a great manager or business owner
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Have more influence, respect and recognition
  • Create a magical career or business

Veronika's Story

"We did some career coaching before my bar exams and the results were undeniable. I passed with honours which is something I always wanted but even with maximum (and believe me when I say maximum) effort never had.

Recently, my boss and mentor left the firm and I am practically on my own. This is an opportunity of a life time for me and although I am terrified I have no doubt that with Elizabeth´s support I will make the most of it."
Veronika Kinclova, Lawyer