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New Year, New decade, New Love Life!

Happy New Year! 

Just came back from holiday and had some wonderful news, 4 of my clients got engaged and three of my clients had babies! Feels so rewarding to end the year and start 2020 hearing these wonderful updates from clients… Here’s what they said: 

From Helen - Dear Beth, I have some news for you, meet Annabelle, she was born on the 17th of December. Thank you for your amazing support on this journey, you really helped me a lot. Right from the beginning, getting over my ex, and then meeting and dating Mike, he was great right from the start, us getting engaged in the Maldives and now the best outcome of all, Annabelle… 

From Katy - I’ve got some exciting news, Dean and I are engaged! He proposed in St Lucia! Katy had been dating all the wrong guys, so once we did some work on her mindset and attracting a great and commitment minded man into her life, she met Dean soon afterwards in July 18 

From Paula - Hi Beth, Happy New Year, hope you had a great festive period. I have some good news, Andy proposed in November so we’re now planning our wedding!!! Thank you so much for all your help! When she started coaching Paula wasn't enjoying dating, we did coaching to make dating more fun and increase the chemistry with the men she liked so she could get the relationship she wanted. Paula met Andy in September 18 and 14 months later he proposed...

Melanie said - Belated Happy New Year! I had a baby boy with my partner just before Christmas, we have named him Christopher Richard. Things are going very well... Thanks again for all your coaching - definitely worked for me.

Rebecca said - Me and Mike had a baby! A lovely baby girl called Mia, who turns 5 months today. It was the best thing that ever happened to me :)

My clients get results, if you are wanting to have a change in your love life, send me an email, get in touch and let's make 2020 the year you get the relationship you've always dreamed of...