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How to Enjoy Dating in the Wintertime!

The winter months can make us want to curl up on the couch with a blanket more often than not. But if you want to meet someone new, know that it can be a great time to get to know someone - it just needs a bit of imagination. Here are some tips to make it happen…

1 Don’t forgo dating in the winter months. Though it can be tempting to hibernate, keep dating though, putting dating on hold for 6 months of every year isn’t the key to having a great love life.

2 Go online. January and February with New Year’s and with Valentine’s Day are incredibly popular months for online dating, as many single people decide they want to meet someone. If you need help writing your profile contact me for help. A well written profile can make a big difference in attracting the right partner…

3 Get the blood pumping (with exercise I mean…) Do an activity that gets the heart beating and the endorphins too, that's always a winner when you are on a date. Go ice skating. It’s a classic winter date and great especially for breaking the ice on a first date. No one wants to fall, right? So it’s a nice excuse to hold onto each other! Another fun way to get moving together is a dance class. Whether you love to dip and twirl or are a beginner, try a dance class together and enjoy yourself. You’ll get to see a different side to each other and bring new energy to your date.

Or try indoor wall climbing, it can be a fantastic way to get a workout. Adrenaline can also help couples feel bonded, so use it to jump - start your relationship. Or do a yoga class together. When you need to stretch your legs, but the weather prevents a moonlit stroll, doing yoga together is the next best thing. And you get to feel super relaxed together afterwards…

4 Make the most of the daylight. Just because the night comes early in the wintertime doesn’t mean you always have to date in the dark. Weekend daytime dates can be a wonderful time to go out. Visit the Christmas markets, walking around and exploring them can be great fun as you explore all the funky items on the stalls. 

Or, if it’s a sunny day wrap up, and go for a stroll in a local park or beauty spot. If you like photography, pretend you're tourists and spend a day taking photos of your city’s most iconic landmarks. And, as it gets dark, capture the Christmas lights. If you prefer to be indoors and are in the mood for some culture, visit a local museum, or an art exhibition, these can be a great for history or art fans. Or go to an aquarium, be romantic, hold hands and enjoy watching the sea life together.

5 Mix up your dates. Vary your activities – as well as exercise dates and daytime dates, on those particularly cold dates, arrange dates where you snuggle up at home. Cooking together can be fun way to get to know your date, so long as you agree on the meal. Pizza is a popular choice that everyone will love, it’s also incredibly fun to make. Learn how to toss the dough or make colourful patterns with your toppings to create your own masterpiece right out of the oven.

Or if you are not in the mood for cooking, have a picnic in your living room. Set the scene and make it comfy & intimate. Lay down some soft blankets and cushions and enjoy a picnic basket packed with cheese, wine and some tasty snacks. Another super winter treat, fondue, whether it’s cheese or chocolate, makes for a truly delicious date. If you are game, have some playful rules i.e. giving kisses if you drop your bread in the pot… Or play board games, it's amazing how much fun they are as an adult!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a 2020 filled with love, laughter and joy…