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Top Ten Tips on Setting Goals as a Couple and How to Achieve Them by the End of 2016

There are many ideas and theories about goal setting, how do we set goals successfully as a couple?

1. Michael Joseph of the LCCH, talks about the Clear Goal Concept. Although just dreaming to achieve a goal isn't enough, nevertheless to achieve a goal without a dream is almost impossible. You need to imagine how you want your relationship to be, imagine being on that dream holiday together, smell the sea air, and feel the warmth of the sun against your bodies as you lie on the beach. https://soundcloud.com/search?q=lcch

2. Have some alone thinking time so each individual can dream by themselves, think about and set individual goals.

3. Create a shared dream. Then come together, make it an event, a day or an evening, create a shared dream. Talk together, discuss what you both want, brainstorm ideas, ask what's most important to us, what do we want to achieve? What is our ideal? How do we want our relationship to be? Create a dream that excites you both.

4. Agree on a goal. It's best to limit the number of goals as we all have finite time and energy. Also, people can try to set to many goals and sometimes they may be contradictory. Ask questions like how will we get there? How will we know when we've got there? What are the steps we need to take? When do want to achieve it by? Agree actions – what does each one need to do.

5. Take immediate action. Before you realise a dream there is hard work. As Henry ford said, 'people keep saying I'm lucky, the harder I work the luckier I get'. The hard work you put in is very important. The people who achieve their goals, once they have dream they start working towards it straight away

6. Continuing action - what are you doing every day, what are you doing right here right now. Action needs to be continuous.

7. Review progress regularly, make sure you are on track. If not, what do you need to do, what do you need to adjust to get on track with achieving your goal.

8. Alter your goal if necessary. Things may change - don't be afraid to change the goal as you get close to it, discuss with your partner and agree a new and more important goal if need be.

9. When you are almost at achieving your goal, start setting the next one.

10. Disclaimer! This might be a bit heavy for a first date - mention these and you might risk the date you met 10 minutes ago running out the door…