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Relationship Advice - How to Help your Relationship Survive the Stresses of Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for most people and can put a strain on relationships. Here are Love Mentor Elizabeth Sullivan's tips on how to ensure your relationship survives the stresses of Christmas:

  1. Ask for help - if you're struggling to get things done, ask your partner for help. Be very clear in your request whether it be picking up the cranberry sauce or wrapping the presents, make sure you communicate what it is you need help with. Make sure you appreciate the help your partner gives you so it doesn't lead to resentment.
  2. Be prepared to give and take - A potential source of tension with your partner is trying to decide where to spend Christmas. If you would prefer to spend Christmas with your family rather than his try to reach a compromise. Maybe suggest spending Christmas Day with your family and Boxing Day with your partner's family,
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