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How to Cope if Your Partner Is Close To His Mother

Dating and Relationship Coach Elizabeth Sullivan poses the question - what do you do if your partner has another woman in his life … and it's his mother? The relationship a man has with his mother is his first relationship with a woman, and the basis of all his relationships. However, some tensions can arise when you feel your partner is too close to their mother. With Mother's Day approaching, keep in mind these points on how to cope if your partner is too close to his mother.

Think positively - You want to feel comfortable in your relationship so do what you can to erase tensions wherever possible. Consider it from your partner's point of view. Many men do want to spend a lot of time with their mother, especially if she is widowed, has ill health or he is an only child. If he is making the effort to look after his mother, appreciate what a good man he is and what a big heart he has. If you're feeling annoyed or jealous try to think of these positive qualities.

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