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When Your Partner Is Made Redundant - How To Cope

When your partner loses their job it is undoubtedly a tough time and can put a strain on your relationship. Many of the emotions that they'll be going through are common to most people; Dating & Relationship Coach Elizabeth Sullivan tells all:

  • They feel like a failure - Many people get their sense of identity from their job. Remind your partner that their job does not define them and they have many great qualities to be admired i.e. they are a great partner, a wonderful parent, loving child etc. Reassure them that failure is not a certainty but is a moment in time. Emphasise that this is a temporary situation which will pass if they have the right attitude and outlook.
  • Your finances will be put under stress – Both you and your partner will soon feel the financial strain of losing a job. Think about your options; can you cut back on expenses? Is there a way you can help to bring in more income? Can you take a part time job or increase your hours in the interim if you already work full-time? If you don't already record your spending you should start immediately.
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