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How to Avoid Arguments on Holiday, Relationship Coach Elizabeth tells how…

If you've just come back from holiday you may have found that, like many couples, it was a trying time. Don't worry, it's not just you! Couples often aren't used to spending so much time together and have different priorities for their precious time away from work. How can you make sure that you enjoy your next holiday and don't have the holiday from hell?

Make the right choice: Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a great holiday; arguments can easily happen when you don't agree on this. Be careful with the holiday you choose, make sure it is something you are both happy with that incorporates both of your interests. If you are into history and your partner is into beaches, somewhere like Rhodes would be a great compromise as you can do a mixture of both. Another option might be a resort which offers different activities, so you can both find things to do that you enjoy. Or a tour with a group of people if one of you is very outgoing and loves interacting with people.

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