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Dating Tips for the Holidays - Holiday Romances, Are They to Be Avoided?

Holidays are not just a time to relax. They're also the time when we experience new things and have new adventures. For many people that includes a holiday romance. Can they ever work back home? Do you want them to work when you get back home?

A holiday romance can feel like a whirlwind adventure. To quote Grease, 'Summer lovin', had me a blast, Summer lovin' happened so fast'. However, a holiday romance can teach you a lot about yourself; what you like and dislike and what is most important to you. Holiday romances give you a chance to try things you wouldn't do in your everyday life at home.

It's important you establish what it is you want from a holiday romance. Do you want to move on from someone or a past relationship? Do you just want a bit of attention and fun? Do you want a long term relationship? If it is something casual you are after? Be aware that things could become more complicated if you become intimate. The bonding hormone oxytocin is released when having sex which may make you feel more attached then you'd planned.

What are the signs of a holiday romance that might last?…