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Dating Tips for Xmas - How to Flirt in the Festive Season? (Part 2)

There are many different ways of getting someone you like the look of to initiate contact, particularly in the festive season when people are out and about and there is far more opportunity to say hello and wish someone a Happy Christmas or Happy New Year. One time I was on a train journey, an attractive guy was sitting a couple of seats away, and an older woman who had just got on was trying to get her suitcase onto the overhead luggage rack above me. I jumped up to help, and the guy jumped up to, we ended up talking for the rest of the journey and arranging to meet again.

Sometimes when you first see someone, you get an impression from what they are wearing, the type of accessories and bags they have, the expression on their face as they react to the environment around them, their tone of voice, about what kind of person they might be, and what might trigger a conversation with them. Bear in mind that some men are shy, how can you encourage them to make the first move?

For example if you are reading an interesting and popular book you could angle your book so the person next to you sees it and seeing what you are reading has the opportunity to start a conversation. I wouldn't recommend this tactic if you are reading a racy or romantic novel which might have the opposite effect of scaring them off! You should also think if there is anything you wear or carry that typically causes strangers to strike up conversations with you? Then just be yourself, warm and friendly, but don't try too hard to impress.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and an even more love and happiness filled 2014…