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Dating Tips for Xmas - How to Flirt in the Festive Season? (Part 1)

As we all know flirting is all about letting someone know you are interested in them, being relaxed enough to have fun chatting about light hearted things, with the plus factor of making someone feel a little bit special. It brightens up the occasion, and can sometimes be the start of something beautiful.

Make the most of all the Christmas drinks and parties you may be invited to – wear a brightly colored dress, scarf or shirt – something that suits your coloring, so that you stand out (red is good for women, studies show men are drawn to this color on women). Color psychology really does work too, a friend of mine used to wear a pair of bright red heels which she called her 'pulling shoes' because men approached her every time she wore them!

Once you're at the party don't forget to circulate, say hello to as many people as possible and be friendly.At the very least you'll have a good time and make new friends, and you may well meet some amazing people – but most importantly remember while you're having fun and enjoying yourself, you are attractive to everybody.

Do make friends with your own sex and people you find interesting, even when there is no dating spark. Friends are great wing buddies and allies in your quest to meet a new partner. You can be upfront and tell them you want to meet a new partner. They may even know someone they can introduce you to – one of my clients was introduced by a new friend, whom she had met at a networking evening, to her brother – they hit it off and are now engaged.

And, finally, the office Christmas party – this is a great chance to deepen relationships with your colleagues, get to them better, and when you let your guard down, you never know what will happen! We so often wear masks at work, and it can be difficult to get to know people when they are busy. The office Christmas party is a great opportunity to open up a bit with someone you like, and for both of you to get to know each other better.

Katrina got to know her husband at Christmas drinks – they hadn't know each other well being on different teams or even liked each other much, she had thought he was arrogant. And when they got to know each other they started to like each other, they let their guard down, and are now very happily married with three kids.

You don't even need to drink or if you do stick to one or two and when I say get to know someone a little bit, I do mean only a little bit!