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How To Quiet that Inner Voice on a Date?

I was chatting recently with one of my clients who was finding it hard to relax when she was going on a date. Sometimes when we go on a date our inner voice is chattering – he's gorgeous, he's so successful, why is he interested in me? We can sometimes be even more negative than that!

What is the cause of this inner voice? Well, it's to do with your level of confidence, what you think of yourself in relation to the people around you. Imagine a professional dancer dancing with other professionals in a show – she might look at the other dancers and see one that is more talented and better at dancing than she is.

When she is dancing in a nightclub where she is the best dancer there, she's more relaxed and just thinking about enjoying herself with her friends. Her inner voice is quiet. When you are going on a date, when you elevate your date, your inner voice can start chattering. What does your inner voice say to you when you are getting to know a guy?

To squash that inner voice you need to address your confidence. Try this dating tip. Just before you go on date ask yourself what are 5 things that are great about me? Other questions you could ask yourself might be: what am I good at? what have I succeeded at? who have I helped today? who did I make laugh? What was the last thing that you found really funny? So you go into a date feeling positive and happy with yourself and really setting yourself up for a great time.