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Dating Advice - Dating Mr Wrong - Part 2

Women normally know they are dating the wrong guy. But what about when it's the "right guy" and he lives abroad – Does that mean he's not the right guy? Or not?

Ellie was involved in a long distance relationship where they had been together and then he decide it wasn't for him – though they were still talking and emailing for hours every day a year later & she was still very emotionally involved. She was convinced he was the right guy for her in every way. She was finding it hard to let go and move on even though he had started dating someone else. If that's you – how long do you give it?

When he says he will change & nothing is happening – how long do you give it? How long do you wait while he makes a decision about the relationship he's in?

When you want kids and he doesn't how long do you give it? Does that mean he's not the "right guy"? Or not? Serena got married when she was 32 and had a fantastic marriage for 3 years, they were so happy, but then she wanted to have kids and he didn't. Their goals were different – they hadn't asked this question early on to see if they had a similar view of the future, so even though in love they had to make a tough decision. They got divorced when she was 37 – so she could be free to have a child with someone else.

How long do you give it when it's not your ideal? Or when you feel something is missing or it's not quite as it should be?