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Dating Advice - Dating Mr Wrong?

Sometimes dating the wrong guy can be really insightful – you can learn a lot about yourself. A lot about what you like most, a lot about what you don't like and also a lot about what's most important to you. Sometimes it's only in these situations that what's right for you becomes clear. A dating opportunity can come up, maybe you've not defined what it is you're looking for and you don't want to plan – you think I've never tried this before – why not?

Monica age 29 was dating a 48 year old, he was funny, considerate and cute and she thought let's ignore the age and just see. If it's just the age – that's ok, but it was all that came with it. He could never invest his time because of work commitments and the frequent travelling that came with his job. He had a child and she also found out later he had a second child with another woman he hadn't mentioned initially. He couldn't provide the emotional security she needed to be in a relationship.

What is most important to you in a relationship and does the guy you are dating give you that?