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International Women’s Day

It's the week of International Women's Day. We are living in a time when women have more choice than ever before. I grew up in New Zealand – it was the land where the women first got the vote in 1893 – where of the last 15 years 11 of the years women were the leaders of the country, where I was told I could have it all when I was growing up.And indeed it was true – one of my friends became the Minister of Women's and Youth affairs at the age of 26.

I was very fortunate to be told as I was growing up that I could have it all, I realized that even more when I left and I travelled and I realized how different it was for women in many other parts of the world – where women don't have choices we do – the freedom to drive a car, to go to school, to have an education, or even go out on the street alone.

When you were a little girl how did you think your life would be? How has it turned out for you so far? How would you like your story to be starting today from today??