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Why Women Postpone their Love Life - Is Now Never the Right Time for Your Love Life? A Dating Coach Explains

One of the reasons I became a Dating & Relationship Coach is because I spent a lot of my life alone, I spent a lot of my life single. Initially I was focused on my career as an accountant, that was my priority, the relationship could wait. Then I was involved in a property project – a fixer upper that took several years and my time went by trying to resolve it. And all those years I always thought I would have a relationship soon, that by Christmas, by summer, after the project was done I would be in a relationship. I never intended to put it off for so long, I never intended to be single for 5 years; I did it month by month, moment by moment by not making it a priority.

A lot of the women I am working with are also single for this reason, they have been focused on their career or business, putting that first, they had been focusing on the benefits of being single & then one day something happened to them – for one it was being at her younger sister's wedding, seeing how happy she was & realizing that at 38 being single wasn't that fun anymore. She realized that her career was no longer enough, that there was something important missing in her life.

Does this sound like you? Do you want to be in the same position next year – single again at Valentine's or would you prefer to be on a date with the man you love & have passion, fulfilment & great sex? When we don't get it, we can forget how fantastic it feels, wouldn't you like some more of that in your life?

If you feel any regrets now, think about the regrets you will have in 10 years' time if you don't make a change today
. If the above resonates with you and you want a different Valentine's next year come and chat to me and we can explore what you want to do differently.