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Dating Advice for the New Year - Have a Story that Empowers You in 2013!

Christmas has just been and gone. The season of joy and festivity – and season's greetings – where people often overindulge in wine, in food, in champagne and it's a new year starting.

And I wonder if you have made any changes in your love life this past year – if you are in a relationship, is your relationship closer, deeper, more intimate than this time last year? If you are single – what are your plans for 2013? – if you are wanting to be in a relationship and it hasn't happened for you yet – what needs to change? Is it an old story that you are too busy at work to have time for a relationship – and maybe that's true or maybe it's you being busy at something where you know where you stand, your work is more easily controlled than a relationship?

Or is it letting go of the story that all the guys you like are in a relationship or unavailable, that all the good guys are gone? Or is it opening up again and being vulnerable? What is it for you?

When we are single there is sometimes a story holding us back – my own story was that the guys I really liked weren't available and this protected me from getting involved, from taking any risks, it kept me living on the side-lines – it was only when I let go of this story that I was able to be more open – and see an opportunity in front of me and start a real and tangible something with someone who is very real. And I'm very happy I did – this Christmas I spent in the Lake District with my boyfriend – my first with a partner for several years. What is your story of why you are single? And what does your story need to be in 2013 for you to get the relationship you want?

Happy New Year! Wishing you even more love, laughter & light in 2013.