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Why am I Single? A Dating Coach Explains

'The most commonly asked question attractive, successful and intelligent women ask is….' Why am I single?' Some of the most common reasons include:

1. Your love life is not a priority. Despite saying they want a relationship; some women are so focused on their career they don't make time for a social life and meeting and dating men. They go to work early, they work hard all day, and they leave late. They can be attractive and successful and go home and be alone. i.e. Sarah had a very demanding job; she came home late in the evening and sat on the couch with a glass of wine. She rarely went out during the week – even her weekends were spent recovering from the week and doing work preparation for the following week. Although she wanted a relationship she wasn't making the time to meet people, and she wasn't moving forward in this area.

2. You focus more on the benefits of being single than the benefits of being in a relationship. Despite saying they want a relationship; many women can be focused on their freedom and their independence. When this is their focus they are not thinking about what they are missing out on, one of the greatest experiences on the planet, that of loving and being loved in return. Being so focused on your freedom and the independence it brings can mean you miss out on the freedom and the independence a loving relationship can offer you as well…

Focusing on the benefits of being in a relationship is a great thing to do when you want to be in a relationship.

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