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Not knowing my direction cost me $12 000!

When I was at school I didn't have any idea about what I would do after wards. I wanted to go to university and I needed a subject though. One of my teachers suggested I should be a chartered accountant; and I thought that's where I'll start. I followed that path and became a chartered accountant.

It was later on when I was using profiling tools that I was pointed in another direction training, coaching presenting that was much more suited to my strengths and abilities. If I had know that earlier I would have chosen a different path and started doing work I loved sooner as well as saving myself 3 years and a student loan of $12 000 

In The Wrong Place?

  • Can you relate to this?
  • Unhappy at work or feel like you are in the wrong place?
  • Wanting to move but not sure how to go about it?
  • Don't feel you are doing the work you are meant to do?
  • Reaching the top in your current job or career isn't at all appealing to you?

Do you...

  • Feel a bit envious of the people you know who really love their work or are happy in their job?
  • Feel bored or unfulfilled with what you are currently doing
  • Want to be happy at work and love what you do?

Being in the wrong place is a rotten way to live. You are not making the most of your natural talents and abilities and you can feel unhappy, frustrated, unsatisfied, bored and unfulfilled. You are not enjoying your work and not having the impact the on the world you could have. Career is a massive aspect of our lives. Many of us spend more time at work than with our loved ones, when we are unhappy at work it can have an impact on our lives.

Transition coaching - Make a change and be the best you!

Do you need help planning your next move? 

Find Your New Direction Programme 
Personalised two to three month programme for executives and professionals at a career crossroads, and considering changing career direction. 

Find out how to/I can help you:

  • Identify your strengths, skills and abilities and what you are best suited to
  • Get clear about the job or career that's right for you
  • Make a decision about the next step, whether it be a new career or a new industry 

Get Hired! Job Search Coaching and CV Writing

Are you wanting to get a new job?

I/We can help with: 

  • Creating a great cv and linked in profile
  • Detailed/in depth research on your new career
  • Networking, relationship building and creating job opportunitys
  • Job search coaching for your new career including job applications and applying for jobs
  • Unbiased advice, guidance and a sounding board
  • Interview coaching so you feel confident and relaxed at interviews/
  • Confidence building for you new role
  • Support until you accept the job offer

Position yourself perfectly and get hired for the job you want with our job search coaching programmes.

First 90 Days coaching - every day counts!

Are you starting or you've started a new job, and want to hit the ground running?

Do you

  • Want to make a great impression & establish credibility quickly in your new organisation?
  • Understand the networks?
  • Learn how to read the situation better?
  • Want to motivate your staff
  • Learn how to create a high performing team

Are you/

  • Concerned that with the new responsibility, work life balance is in danger of being lost?
  • Becoming a manager, and want to develop new skills. For example, how to inspire and lead your team or how to get a great initiative implemented.

Learn how to:/Our personalise service is tailored to you and can help you:/I can help you settle into your new role and

  • Build influential relationships
  • Raise your profile & make the right impression
  • Learn how to be a great manager & adapt to new responsibilities
  • Establish credibility quickly in your new firm
  • Get your new job off to a great start

Success in New Role Coaching 

Tailored coaching programme to provide support during the vital settling in period & ensure you acclimatise quickly in your new organisation or when stepping up internally.