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"Time in Elizabeth's company is time well spent. Insightful. Intelligent and easy to talk to about things that aren't easy to talk about. Do yourself a favour - go and talk to her now!
Cosmo Landesman - Sunday Times (pictured right)

"I've just been made permanent at my dream job! Thank you Beth"
Marina, Accountant

Elizabeth Sullivan

Career Coach

Want to be successful and happy in your Career?

'Elizabeth made me see that there is always a way to achieve what I want, we search together for solutions and never fail to find them.

Through career coaching I have achieved honours in my bar exam, successfully asked for a pay rise and smoothely took over from my boss when she left. I only wish I'd found Elizabeth sooner but I'm so happy I did.' Veronika, Lawyer

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What you need now is the focus, direction, accountability and support to embrace this moment and fulfil your career potential. Dan Beverley


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Address peoples needs. Having been a coach for the x number of years you've noticed that most peoples a primary concern for most people is doing well in their career It's an area that everybody needs help in. anyone getting into a slightly different area everyone needs a mentor it's a tangible quantifiable return on investment - helped people get 40 000 more one went from 200 000 to 300 000 i know what it's like to be in the wrong career even though you were successful at it, deep down you knew it wasn't quite you and you know what that feels like. It's making a connection about why you became a coach, initially when i decide to become a coach I went down the relationships route. In a training Tony Robbins said to me accounting wasn't the right fit for you which confirmed what I felt deep down
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