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Promotion coaching/Keen for a promotion? Time for a promotion?

Keen for a promotion?/Are you wanting a promotion/

Are you

  • Not sure if you are next in line for promotion?
  • Not feeling as prepared or as confident as you would like? (that extra edge)
  • A bit stressed or nervous at the thought of the interview and new responsibilities?

Do you 

  • Have an opportunity coming up for a promotion/you would like to make the most of?
  • Want things to change but also feeling anxious/ about your new direction?

I can help you

  • Network, relationship building and creating internal job opportunitys
  • Be the obvious next choice in line for promotion
  • Be prepared for an offer of promotion
  • Feel confident and relaxed at interviews/Confidence building
  • Non biased advice/unbiased advice/guidance/ sounding board

First 90 Days coaching - every day counts

Are you starting or/ you've started a new job, and want to hit the ground running.

Do you

  • Want to establish credibility quickly in your new organisation?
  • Understand the networks (of power)
  • Learn how to read the situation better
  • Want to motivate your staff
  • Learn how to create a high performing team

Have you 

  • Become a manager, and want to develop new skills. For example, how to inspire and lead your team or how to get a great initiative implemented.
  • Concerned that with the new responsibility, and/or work life balance is in danger of being lost? (or has been lost)

Learn how to:/Our personalise service is tailored to you and can help you:/I can help you settle into your new role and

  • Build influential relationships
  • Raise your profile & make the right impression
  • Learn how to be a great manager & adapt to new responsibilities
  • Establish credibility when stepping up internally
  • Get your new job off to a great start/Enjoy your job and get it off to a great start

Success in New Role Coaching 

Tailored coaching programme to provide support during the vital settling in period & ensure you acclimatise and establish credibility quickly in your new organisation or when stepping up internally

Career Coaching for Professionals -

You're smart and talented at what you do. So why would you hire a career coach? There are many reasons why you might want to have career coaching. Here are a few. Do any of these resonate for you? - rewrite this bit above/Some questions for you?

  • Work is getting busier and more demanding, work is starting to taking over your life?
  • Other people are getting ahead and you don't feel you are? You are not progressing as quickly as you would like or perhaps you had your eye on a promotion and didn't get it?
  • Do you need someone to help give you that edge?
  • You have a difficult boss, colleagues that don't do their share of the work or a tough work environment?
  • Do you want help achieving a salary that you are worth?
  • You're ambitious, have big dreams and goals & are not sure how to make them happen?
  • Want more influence, respect and recognition?

Advance your Career program

I can help you

  • Build influential relationships
  • Improve your communication skills with your boss, team members, clients and all the stakeholders that matter
  • Learn how to get the influence, respect and recognition you desire
  • Be confident and assertive at work
  • Get paid what you are worth 

Love your job and want to make the most of it/your waking hours?

Sometimes there's nothing to 'fix' or 'resolve'. Many clients have come to us because they want to do what they do best, better:

Want a great career but you don't want to sacrifice your personal life, you want a fulfilling personal life too?

  • You love your job, and want to become even more effective. And to feel totally fulfilled
  • Learn how to enhance your performance
  • Want performance enhancement

Learn how to:

  • Learn how to problem solve and resolve/find the solution to challenging work situations
  •  get clarity of direction and goals and
  •  increase motivation