Keen for a promotion?

Keen for a promotion? Promotion coaching - to get promotion (implies in the same company) Promotion Coaching

Do you have an opportunity coming up to get a promotion?
Not feeling as confident or as prepared as you would like?
nOT SURE IF YOU ARE THOUGHT OF AS MUCH OF A CONTENDOR AS YOU WOUDL LIKE TO BE?Making the right impression so you are seen as a contendor! (change wording)
take the opportunity when it comes along
deal with stress
Interview preparation.
Mock interview (STRESS)

How to succeed in your new role?

I can help you settle into your new role,
Build influential relationships - check language with Tanya
make the right impression
Adapt to new responsibilities/settle into new responsibilities

Success in New Role Coaching Tailored coaching programme to ensure you acclimatise and establish credibility quickly in your new organisation or when stepping up internally. Lead authentically, build your profile, make a positive impact.(thecc)

Career Coaching for Professionals

Make the most of where you are! You're bright and talented at what you do. So why would you need a coach? There are many reasons why you might hire a coach. Here are a few. Do any of these resonate for you?

- You've recently taken on more responsibility, and/or work life balance is in danger of being lost (or has been lost)
- You're bored and no longer feel as passionate about your work - something has changed within you and you can't figure out what it is or what to do about it
- You had your sights on a promotion, but then lost it
- You want more recognition and reward, financially and personally
- You're struggling with a difficult boss, colleagues that don't pull their weight or vicious office politics

Have you ever felt held up? Not progressing as quickly as you would like?/want to in your career?
Not getting paid what you are worth?
Have big dreams/goals & not sure how to make them happen
You had your eye on a promotion and didn't get it?



Ambitious? Need Painpoints here

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you ambitious?
  • Want to have an amazing life?
  • Keen to go far in your chosen career?
  • Want to reach the top of the corporate ladder? Or have a highly successful business?

Some more questions for you:

  • Want more influence, respect or recognition?
  • Want a great career but you don't want to sacrifice your personal life, you want a fulfilling personal life too?

Work with me and you will...

  • Build relationships with the people who will make all the difference in your career
  • Be confident and assertive at work
  • Achieve your career or business goals
  • Make the most of your natural strengths
  • Be comfortable and confident asking for promotions and payrises and get paid what you are worth
  • Take on new responsibilities
  • Change direction when you need to
  • Learn how to be a great manager or business owner
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Have more influence, respect and recognition
  • Create a magical career or business

Veronika's Story

"We did some career coaching before my bar exams and the results were undeniable. I passed with honours which is something I always wanted but even with maximum (and believe me when I say maximum) effort never had.

Recently, my boss and mentor left the firm and I am practically on my own. This is an opportunity of a life time for me and although I am terrified I have no doubt that with Elizabeth´s support I will make the most of it."
Veronika Kinclova, Lawyer

helped veronika

get honours
cope with her boss leaving
take on new responsibilities
take on first staff member
build influential relationships with partners

they have taken her out for lunch recently and said she is an ideal candidate to become partner