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Online Dating Tips - 8 Reasons Online Dating Isn’t Working For You

1. Your profile isn't appealing

People make instant decisions on whether or not they like the look of your profile, having great photos is really important – they need to be both up to date and flattering. Unless you look exactly the same as that super photo you had taken 5 years ago using them is a bad idea and likely to lead to resentment from dates when they meet you.

Remember to complete the profile in its in entirety – when you leave gaps it can look as if you are not taking the process seriously. Share but don't overdo it, people don't want to everything about you immediately, it's good to leave a little mystery so there is something they can be curious about. Be honest, be yourself, don't say you jog or go to the gym regularly if it something you do twice a year, it will come out when you are getting to know someone…

2. You aren't coming across as a positive person

One of the most attractive things about someone is their attitude. If you are coming across as negative either in your profile, early interactions or when you meet dates it may be off putting. One of my clients was getting a lot of interest from a dating website but as she interacted with guys the interest would tail off. When I looked at her messages I could see why, some of her messages were a bit negative. She hadn't realised how she was coming across and once she changed her language, men responded very differently to her. Optimistic language matters a lot, everyone wants to be around happy people.